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Hello nfischer,

Sorry for such late reply,

Regarding the gallery height, you can specify any height you want through a Custom CSS rules:
.single-circleflip-portfolio .galleryStyle1 .largeImage {
height: 370px; /* change this to any value you want */

if you want to target a specific post use
.postid-ID /* replace ID with the post ID */ instead of .single-circleflip-portfolio.
check Theme options > General Settings > Advanced > Custom CSS for instruction on how to add Custom CSS

and the Portfolio Slug is scheduled for an upcoming update, but in the meantime you can change it by:

– open up YOUR WORDPRESS INSTALLATION PATH/wp-content/plugins/circleflip-portfolio/classes/crdn/cfp/base.php in your text editor ( choose one which doesn’t apply formatting i.e. notepad, notepad++, sublime text ) or you can use the one in CPanel’s File Manager
– change the line #127 ( v1.3.3 and prior ) 'rewrite' => true, with 'rewrite' => array(
'slug' => 'available-dogs',

– Login to WordPress admin , then go to Settings > Permalinks and hit save

this is only a temporary fix until a proper option is introduced in Circlelfip, I will notify you as soon as its ready