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I will send a private reply with website access. I have noticed another error with the 1-click demo that I would like you to look into.

I know that the Rev Sliders are not included in the 1-click demo and that they need to be imported using the rev slider. Unfortunately in the directory Sliders Export you neglected to include the main CF slider for import. The other sliders for the various home page examples are included such as “Mechanic”, “medical_slider” etc. but the main slider “CF” is not included.

The additional error that is occurring on my 1 click demo install is:
The Header setting is defaulted to Header 1 (Classic with upper search). I had assumed the header would default to the header that you use on your demo site I can’t even find the menu you use on your demo site unless it is the one that is called “Same as Header 4 with Megamenu support”. If it is that menu it is broken on the 1-click demo install. Choosing it and viewing the website the only thing that loads is the logo and a single linebreak.

My private reply with website access will be next.