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Hi Omar,

Thank you for fixing the CF slider. With regard to the menu, you may want to make a change to your themeforest page, demo and directions. Personally when I visit a theme demonstration page I expect that what I see in the demo is what I get when I purchase the theme. If this is not the case I expect that it is made clear to me that something is not included. Your default menu/header that is shown on your demo page uses another plugin (uber mega menu) that is an additional cost. I did not expect to have to buy Uber Mega Menu to make the theme look the same as the demo. On your themeforest page the only reference to the menu is that the theme is Uber Mega Menu ready. It would be in your best interest to change your demo to use a default menu that is included with the theme, or change your themeforest page to inform buyers that the demo uses a menu that is not included with the theme. You should also update your installation instructions to inform people that one of the header choices (“Same as Header 4 with Megamenu support”) is not going to work unless they purchase and install Uber Mega Menu.