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Hi Mohamed,

I,ve almost finished my website but still I am experiencing problems with the different devices. Chrome and Firefox are working well but with Explorer:

1. The first blue line with the social media icons and email it doesn’t show anymore.
2. Even using the same computer but different explorer with Internet Explorer the size of the typo it’s smaller than in Chrome and Firefox.
3. The social media icons on the circle of the Team members are blanks in a white hole. It’s not working the effect.
4. The blue colors on the emails of the team, footer, headings and titles dont have the proper colour.

Also in other devices, with Explorer as well, sliders are not working well and still the logo is at the top in the middle followed by the menu down on it, not besides as it’s supposed to be. Can you fix this to appear everywhere the same? or how can I fix this?

Thanks a lot! I don’t know why is not working on Internet Explorer because on the others browsers it looks amazing, hope you can help me.