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I tried again with my iphone (iOS) using safari and I still see this: with the plugin deactivated. I put it on again because I don’t want the page stay like this all the time. Is it possible to have this plugin and to have as default on mobile device Full Website?

Also, I want to retake an old conversation that could’nt reply and now it’s closed:
the menu on the latest line, next to the copyright text, when it’s in blue is when you are on the part of the menu that shows up. Is there also anyway to change that Blue colour to my brand colour?

You answered me: Sorry I didn’t really get what you mean by the menu color, I see the blue color you selected for theme when I hover over a menu item, is this color you want to change?

Yes, I want to change that blue, I,ve been looking on theme options but no idea where to change it!

Thanks a lot! =)