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Hello Raul,

sorry for the late reply, I have received your email and was able to log in,

In reply to your mentioned points:

1. How can I have the picture to be always 595×285?
I have set the responsive sizes to custom so now all sizes will be 595×285 except for the mobile version which will be adjusted to screen.

2. The post text should be within the 595px of the image.
Your text is too big, you can either size it down, or like I did, set to to align in center (there will be a line break as you see)
*** if you wish to remove the text-align and down size, go to the base slider template and edit the style of the layer, select the advanced editor tab and remove the text-align:center; at the bottom.

3-For the about Image
This was only achievable through Custom CSS, you’ve added the width of 1/12 to the text, and the minimum divider width is 2/12.
*** if you wish to remove the custom CSS you’ll find it on the Custom CSS panel under #nucareer_about_image

4-The width:
Although this changes the structure of CircleFlip but I minimized modifications as follows;
Applied the following CSS rules through the Custom CSS panel
@media (min-width: 980px){
.postText p {
width: 584px;
.postBlog1 .postImage img{
width: 584px;
body .postBlog1 .postDetails {
width: 584px;
body .postBlog1 {
width: 750px;
**** Note the media screen, this for not messing with the responsive structure, meaning all those edits will be only on the full screen version.

Files Edit:

line: 107 <div class=” span9 <?php echo $another_position;?> withSidebar”>
with <div class=” span8 <?php echo $another_position;?> withSidebar”>
and line: 122 <section class=”span3″>
with <section class=”span4″>
So keep those changes in mind when you update the theme next time, as the Custom CSS will not be lost, while this file will be updated.

line: 40 <section class=” span9 <?php echo $another_position; ?> withSidebar”>
with <div class=” span8 <?php echo $another_position;?> withSidebar”>
and line: <section class=”span3″>
with <section class=”span4″>

5- Fonts rendered slow:
All changes applied through the Custom CSS panel are in fact inserted on the index page, how fast it is rendered depends on browser. you can help get fonts and other elements slightly faster by minimizing the custom css, adding in all in one single line.

6- and lastly
You will need to edit a file for this, I can’t access that file without FTP, anyway you can easily locate
find line 1255: $mag_post_text = circleflip_string_limit_characters($original_text,’90’);
change that ’90’ to any number of characters you want to trim the preview to.

Hope you find all the edits are what you needed 🙂
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