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Thank you,

I’ve successfully changed the text length to 300 at line 1456 (sorry I referred to the wrong line number before)

2- you can apply the same concept by knowing how the page is structured.
your page is 12 columns, your format needs 8 for the content and 4 for the sidebar.
Best choice would be adding the side bar into the page instead of adding a widget area (like you now have in About page, where you selected a sidebar from the page Edit/New)

So you can start any page by adding two columns [ 7/12 ][4/12]
Add your sidebar in the [4/12] (about_page_sidebar)
give your [7/12] an ID like I did for the About page with (about_page_content)
add your elements in the [7/12] column where elements widths, for example an image would be [7/12] (refer to About page)

No head over to Theme options >> General >> Advanced >> custom CSS
and apply the margin left rule to the content
margin-left: 60px;

For the side bar
float: right;

3- fixed.

4- a- That was a bug, they should be aligned since you correctly selected 3 in the theme options, I’ve adjusted by CSS so that you don’t wait for the next update

b- I’ve instead pushed the logo up a bit, check the section
.footerList.row .widget_text{
padding-top: 12px;
in theme options if you want to modify

c- Again that was a bug, where you couldn’t add <br> in the text area, I’ve modified the files so that you need not wait for the update.