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Hello Omar
Thanks for the changes.

1. Page format – I used the same concept you used for the column block with the text block. I gave it the name about_text_block and went over the CSS custom area and used a 40px left margin. Perfect! Now, how can I make the text to fit within the picture size as in the articles area? I tried adding the “width:584px;” but with no luck.

2. Great change the footer. Can the content be leaved with left alignment?

3. There is a difference between the sidebar in the about page vs the articles page. Can the about page be similar? Meaning that it will use no bullets and have line height as in the articles page? I tried inserting “list-style-type: none;” but did not work. The widgets itself inherits the line height of the page but not in this case.

I think these changes will mark the end for the needed changes. FTP and WP users are still active.

Again, thanks for your help.