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Hello CleverDigital,

You can remove the divider, author and icon by adding the following to you Custom CSS panel.

.circleDetailsWrapper p, .circleDetailsWrapper .zoomRecent.zoomCircle{
display: none;
I suggest you use another way of linking to the portfolio items, using Images blocks. I hope you don’t mind, I created a private page for you to get a really clear idea of what I mean.
Check the page /circle-portfolio-coloured/

To do this, I created a page with 4 image blocks, Selected Circle image type and added a block ID for each image.
In Custom CSS I’ve added the following block of code, which colored each circle flip with a different color.

#candy-porto-one .circleAnimationDetails.back.circlePostDetails {
background: #E70489;
#candy-porto-two .circleAnimationDetails.back.circlePostDetails {
background: #F49426;
#candy-porto-three .circleAnimationDetails.back.circlePostDetails {
background: #00B0E5;
#candy-porto-four .circleAnimationDetails.back.circlePostDetails {
background: #87C73F;

Note the (#candy-potro-number) that’s the ID I used.
I changed the portfolio slug for you, using /party/ instead of /circleflip-portfolio/
You can change that back or to anything else at Theme Options >> Pages settings >> Portfolio page

Do you want to remove the Portfolio title all together or would like to change it to something else?
I’ve removed it for now, let me know if you would like it back saying something else 🙂