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Hi Omar

Wow, you did a great job with this, didn’t think this would be possible. Notice some limitations, when you go mobile view they aren’t clickable and in ipad vertical mode the text in side is too small to read. However, the solution to the specific coloured animations is brilliant. I understand the Custom CSS, and then adding the Block ID to each element; but what would I replace ” .circleAnimationDetails.back.circlePostDetails” with, in order to add the specific colours to the rectangle animations in the current portfolio?
Yes, Portfolio title to be removed altogether, thankyou for doing this, much appreciated
Small thing that is buggy, when you view a portfolio item that has a portrait image, you cannot scroll down to see the bottom menu. There is a big chunk of empty space below the footer menus; if this could be removed then we wouldn’t have this issue. And the footer would look better overall. Please let me know how I can reduce this empty space.
New request from client: “Is it possible to change the icons you used? the ‘Gallery’ to a camera icon and the link to an ā€˜iā€™ for information?”