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Hi Omar,

We’ve managed to load not the full demo, but just the pages that we needed as explained on a different landing page you guys have.
We are now facing a different problem.

We have created a new page, labeled it as “Homepage” and begun working on a custom layout, and then we set that page to be the homepage. Now, every time we customize something, add a new block or column with any sort of content, the bottom part of the stuff that’s on the builder box get’s lost.

So we keep having to add stuff at the bottom to get deleted for each time we want to edit something.
Can you point me out on the right direction on how to fix this? has someone else been reporting a similar issue, or could this be specific to my installation or server? we have a lot of spare disk space (5+ gigs) not in use.

Also, on another note, after installing the demo a bunch of templates were saved on the template manager at the bottom of the builder and now we can’t save any new ones, is there a limit to how many templates can be saved there, and could this have any sort of relation with the problem I mentioned above?

A fast reply would be greatly appreciated.