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Hi to all.

Same issue for us.
Short description.

While working with page bulider, after several changes and updates to see the result (didn’t count how many), on new loading of page builder everything stops. Screen shows half of loaded basic WP page editor and it keeps loading. There all the work is lost, I didn’t manage to reopen and to reuse that page anymore.
Second time I started to work on a page, before the crash I saved the template. Template page was with columns and blocks inside that had content. After I loaded that template on new page, all I got was the columns, without the content. Big bummer.

As you also have the problem with the page bulider (not possible to drag and drop the blocks), this issue points to the page builder also. Second hint for that is the crash of the page, it happens before page builder is loaded.

This issue is major thing as I see it. It could be related to some counter of the updates maybe. If you update more than X times page with page builder it crashes. Like there is some kind of a counter/pool for the page builder loading? (I’m shooting blanks here but it might help).

Among the other issues (text editing is not saved on update – spacing line missing inside the text building blocks..), this one is crucial because we could never know when will our page break.

If there is a solution already for this issue please reply and direct us what to do.
To give you access to website, to see it by yourself, contact me somehow and give me e-mail where I can send you login link and username/password and directions what page to review (that broke).

Thank you.

P.S. Please mind this issue important, we would like to solve this ASAP.
Thank you for your understanding.