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Hello Alison,

Thank you for choosing CircleFlip

The Flip Mag template was missing from the update
We will update shortly today to Version 2.01

Meanwhile you can follow these steps to build the template, if you don’t want to wait for the update
To Create a slider similar to the one we have:
1- Go to Dashboard >> Revolution Slider
2- Create new Slider Template
3- Give it a Name and an Alias and make sure you set the Grid Settings to 870 and 500
4- Save your template
5- after redirecting click on edit slides, and add a New Transparent Slide
6- Edit the slide, and add 2 layers, apply your preferred slides.
7- Add meta to your layer, to have a clickable
8- Give your post an author name
9- in your slider that I provided before (or a new one) Select “Source Type” Posts
10- Select the template you just create
11- Select your posts by the different filters or assign selected posts

To install the page:
Flip Mag Template:

You can import into a new page the content of the attached file (by copy and paste), as illustrated in this documentation link: