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Thanks, Omar. I’m using 2 languages, one RTL (Hebrew) and one LTR (English), so I need both.

So while I am using the RTL features, I need non-Arabic encoding. All my other Hebrew text works fine,. so I’m guessing it’s something built into the code.

Glad to hear you’re working on an update. I really like this theme. I think it’s one of the most flexible themes out there.

But I just updated to latest version of Circle Flip (Version: 2.2.1) and also WP 4.3, and I’m having real problems with the content builder. Specifically, the toggles don’t work. After the first toggle, there way to put text into text area … only the headline space. And then it doesn’t seem to save properly. Is this one of the things you’re fixing? (Hope so.)

Be well & be inspired as you update the code.