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Hello Craig,

I see you’re running CircleFlip 1.6
A lot of useful updates were included since then, including some awesome features (including a header builder), and more importantly really important bug fixes
1- a solution for the max input vars, by reducing the amount sent by almost half.
2- a security issue WP have issues “Escaping urls”
3- multiple minor fixes

So If you have not altered the code, you should follow those few steps and you’ll be good to go.
1- backup your database
2- backup your themefiles ( Or the whole WordPress installation if convenient )
3- download the latest version from themeforest
4- upload to the server updating old files
5- activate theme and check the website

Please let me know if there is anything you need help with regarding updating.


P.S: Website looking great, I have a suggestion, if I may, you can use an “Image block” instead of “Team Member” in the “/Testimonials” page, where you can have the font image show the Before and the back show the After