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Hello Darren,

Sorry for the untimely response.

Yes you can, using Custom CSS.
In your Admin panel, and under Theme Options >> General Settings >> Advanced
Find Custom CSS text area

The testimonial section contains three texts
1- Testimonial text
2- Testimonial Name (the name of the person)
3- Testimonial Job (the position of the person)

So Using this CSS
.home .aq-block-cr_testimonials_section .TText{
color: white;
.home .aq-block-cr_testimonials_section .TName{
color: white;
.home .aq-block-cr_testimonials_section .TJob{
color: white;

All are white, you can discard any part of them if you want.
If you plan on making 2 of them white, for example Text and Job, you can use only one rule for them both

.home .aq-block-cr_testimonials_section .TText, .home .aq-block-cr_testimonials_section .TJob{
color: white;