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Hey Cedric,

I apologize for the untimely response.
Yes I believe you’re using .mo files to translate
Edit the french file with po-edit or a similar program.

The Read More… which is the text you added in the theme options.
Should be found under the text-domain ‘circleflip’ for the word ‘Read more…’
If you can’t find this one, please search for ‘More’ instead and let me know how it goes

About the continue reading
I don’t think that’s part of the theme, are you using any plugin? or perhaps added a read more tag to the post?

About Related Posts
Should be found under exactly the same one
here’s the code calling it
<?php esc_html_e( ‘Related Posts’, ‘circleflip’ ); ?>

So please let me know, maybe you could send me the .mo file?