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Hello Cedric,

Yeah thanks for the tip on the server name to use 🙂

I tried to make it work with updates, but had to go with a bit of custom code only for you.
It’s simple, so don’t worry
at the file circleflip/partials/blog-layout-one.php
line 95 is
<?php $read_more_alt_text = cr_get_option( "blog_read_more" ); ?>
added code after the line
<?php if ( ( defined( "ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE" ) && "fr" === ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE ) )
$read_more_alt_text = "Lire l'article"; ?>

and in file partials/content-singlestyle1.php
line 263 was
<?php _e( 'Related Posts', 'circleflip' ); ?>
and now after edit is
<?php if ( ( defined( "ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE" ) && "fr" === ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE ) )
_e( 'Article Connexe', 'circleflip' );
_e( 'Related Posts', 'circleflip' ); ?>