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Hello Darren,

You can duplicate the blog page template in the theme files and set a different category there.

1- Navigate to /themes/circleflip/templates
2- copy template-blog.php to template-blog-testimonials.php
3- edit the file template-blog-testimonials.php
4- change the template name at the top of the file

 * Template Name: Testimonial Blog Page 

5- change the category on line 14

	'cat'    => implode( ',', cr_get_option( 'blog_selected_cat', '' ) ), 


	'cat'	 => 5,

Where ‘5’ is the category id, so you will probably change that

If you don’t know the category ‘testimonials’ id
go to Posts >> Categories
edit the category ‘testimonials’
find the id in the url, something like
where that tag_ID is the category id, and that is the one to go in the ‘cat’ argument

6- create a new page, select template Testimonial Blog Page and there you go 🙂

Please let me know if you want to change anything else.
Please keep that file backed up, as it will not be included in updates