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Amr Essam

Hello Dascanto,

Here is a report of what I have done:
1- Logged into your website, searched for the magazine page you created/imported, but couldn’t find it
2- I created a new page and imported the magazine layout from the page builder itself. It was imported successfully and I viewed the page without any problems, I tried to change few options and it was working normally.
3- I added some widgets to “Sidebar principale” through widgets section to check that everything was working fine.
4- I choose the magazine header from Theme Options normally, it appeared fine as well.
5- I quickly created a revolution slider to show some images to make sure it’s working normally.

From my point of view, everything is working normally. You will now need to edit the page I created along with posts and sidebar, etc. If you need any help regarding how to edit them, let me know and I will send you the required help document immediately.

Hope that this what you were asking for.