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Good morning Omar,

Thank you, I’ve played around with a few different styling options and so far it seems acceptable. I’m still not sure if we’ll stick with the yellow and blue row colours or switch them back to a dark grey but it’s looking better.

Firstly, why do you suggest turning the slogan part of the image into an ad block? Currently it displays properly on desktop, laptop and mobile. Other than it dropping down as a sub header type style in the example you showed me I don’t see any benefit? I do need to resize the rev slider for mobile though.

Unfortunately I did not manage to correct the padding which is why my whole logo and slogan graphic has a white background.

The example header I showed you I can only come close to. The menu row background colour stretches full width with no options of controlling the container size and only default positions of left, center and right so I was unable to get much closer.

Your software is awesome, it makes really nice sites with ease but I do feel the header builder could definitely do with a few more options to really make this the best theme available.

Background image option.
Background image container options.
Ability to control the size of the rows in height and width.
Ability to overlay row with opacity options on background colour or image.
Text size, colour and highlight options for rows.
Padding options for rows.

With those additions and the menu plugins that are available you should be able to create just about anything you want. I know that’s a lot easier said than done but the suggestions are there for you.

Thanks for your help so far, Stuart.