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Hello Heather,

Thanks for you kind comments, and thanks for the update on the other post.

1) Depending on the CSS you’ve inserted, the other code you copied might be specific for that other installation (meaning using a block ID as a selector) or perhaps the element you’re trying to style need a higher priority CSS rule, like using “!important”.
Please allow me to check the webpage, and the require CSS change and I’ll do my best (feel free to include the website link in a private message, and if you would like me to make the change myself, please include WP admin access)

2) Yes, but as I mentioned some cases are installation specific, meaning it would differ if the bullets are within a “text block” or in a “post text” or if you want them in a specific page. Please let me know and I’ll provide the code needed.

3)It was reported before, but it was fixed in the latest version, can you please confirm you’re running the latest version of CF? otherwise, and if you don’t want to update, please allow me into the admin panel and I’ll check it for you.

4) You can, using custom CSS
for layout 1
.aq-block-cr_testimonials_section p {
color: blue;
.aq-block-cr_testimonials_section .testimonialName p {
color: blue !important;

For layout 2
.aq-block-cr_testimonials_section p {
color: blue;
.aq-block-cr_testimonials_section .TName{
color: white !important;
.aq-block-cr_testimonials_section .TJob{
color: grey !important;

5) Yes there is, using Block ID, check this page out , using the same concept, add an id to the section wanted.

6)There was an issue with line breaks on earlier versions, so if you’re not up to date, please update, otherwise, if you don’t wish to update, please allow me in and I’ll fix it on your installation.

Let me know if you have any more questions