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Hey Heather,

1) it’s the difference in loading time between style.css and style.php(theme options settings), fixing this I’ve added the change you’ve added to the menu, in the Custom CSS panel.
Fixing this permanently I will forward to the dev team to minimize the load time of style.php and add it to an upcoming update

2) I’ve added the necessary code. for the blocks I found using the bullets, Boxed text block, and List Block.

3) regarding font size, thanks for the feedback, we found the bug and we’ll roll it on the upcoming update.
To get the fix immediately, please edit the file

find the text

<?php echo circleflip_field_input('font_size', $block_id, '13', $size = 'full', 'number') ?>
change the ’13’

to be

<?php echo circleflip_field_input('font_size', $block_id, $font_size, $size = 'full', 'number') ?>

6)Please try changing the files


With the three files found here

and the file


with the file here

Please let me know if I missed something or if something didn’t work as expected

Great work on the website, looks amazing!