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Amr Essam

Hello Trexma,

I have went through many tests to check the menu issue, I finally could replicate it here and the issue is caused only on a Windows 10 computer. Although it’s working fine on our demo server and on my local machine as well.
I would recommend that you disable the plugins that aren’t included with Circle Flip all at once, if the problem disappeared, try enabling the plugins one by one till you find it again then we can see what to do.
If it didn’t appear, refer back to me to find another suitable solution.

For the Fancy Gallery plugin, it’s also working fine on my local version of Circle Flip, I would suggest that you contact the plugin authors for help, it might be a small glitch.

For the fliplingbook plugin, this is surely something related to the plugin itself that it doesn’t support RTL. Contact the plugin authors as well to see if they can help you with it or not.

Let me know if you have any other issues