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Hey Leslie,

Sorry for the untimely response.

If you follow the following steps, you shouldn’t need to edit a single page or setting.
There are many ways of moving a WordPress installation, but that’s my personal favorite

On Staging
1- Backup Files and Database

On Live
1- copy backed up files from staging
2- extract the files in the destination folder (public_html for example)
3- Create a new database
4- edit wp-config.php to accommodate newly created DB settings
5- replace all links in DB from staging links to live links (you can do that using wp-cli
6- upload modified database into newly created database
7- check your site

I would be more than glad to help with the move, please let me know if you would like that!
I would need
1- SSH connection on the live server
2- location of the backup on the staging (or SSH connection)
3- FTP connection to the staging server (or SSH)