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Hey Heather,

Thanks for your answer, and sorry for the late reply.

I’ve uploaded the theme to your server, and it’s working now, please check 🙂

No worries about the mess, sometimes uploads fail that all!

Regarding “merging” the two sites, please let me know more about that!
Do you need any data from the old one? or just need the new one to take hold of the root path?

It would be extremely complicated to merge the content of the two website, If that’s the case, I suggest you export the content from the old one, and import it in the new one.
Edit away any missing parts.
Then move the new website to reside in the root directory.

If you need help moving your WordPress please let me know and I would help 🙂

Yes, we are Creiden and nope we’re not a part of a larger company.

Have a great Sunday!