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Amr Essam

Good day Heather,

1- Unfortunately there is no option in this slider to pause it on hover. Let me know if you want to increase the time of the slide and tell me how many seconds do you want it to be.

2- Here is the CSS code to add into your theme options

background: #FFFFFF !important;

This will change the background color of all text boxes around the site. If you wish to change it only in About us page, then use this

.page-id-15039 .blockquote {
background: #FFFFFF !important;

3- Here is the fix for this part only:

.page-id-15165 .aq-block h4 {
   text-align: left !important;

4- We found a few lines of CSS code rendered in the home page and they are causing this problem. I don’t know the main source of those lines as they aren’t part of the theme and not inserted using Custom CSS in theme options. Please advise

5- I found that you build those titles using padding left which is usually not a good option for responsive issues. I suggest removing the padding applied to the title and use the Text editor to make the Main title aligned to right and the subtitle aligned to center.

6- Can you point to an example of the expand/collapse thing. I can’t find it.

7- I didn’t find Woocommerce plugin installed on your site. So, any changes won’t be reflected into your shop page unless you install Woocommerce plugin

8 – It’s better to have a local backup of it anyway. Download it then remove it from the server no problem.

Let me know if you have any further requests.