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Thank you, Amr! Your suggestions worked great. Thank you. 🙂 (questions #2,3,5,8)

In response to the open items:
1-If you could (or tell me how to) up the timing to 10 seconds, that would be great!

4-Wow. I have no clue about this CSS. I had a different theme (Cake/Muffin group) uploaded before I replaced it with CircleFlip, and I did notice that there were leftover items from that theme. Not sure why they still remained there. I tried to completely delete all of it’s files. How can I get rid of that CSS?

6-The expand/collapse feature is on the About page, under Our Team in my bio. The plugin is called, “WP show more.”

7-Sorry! I realized that I failed to specify which website I was talking about. My other website:, contains the Woocommerce plugin, and the shop page is entitled “Elevate”

New- Forgot to ask last time… Is there a way I can speed up the font transition? When loading the page, it first goes to the default font and then visibly switches to my custom fonts.

Thank you! I know these are a lot of questions. I truly appreciate your assistance.