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Dear Amr, I do not have an iMac with Safari. I just have the iPad and there I do not have a console, I think. I’m sorry.

I tried Chris’ link very often now. And what I can say is, that it works sometimes on my ipad. I had to reload the page 28 times but then it worked one time. Next time I had to reload the page e.g. 16 times and it worked one time again. Very strange. My own link doesn’t work at all with 30+ pageloads, but I have much more portfolio items on it!?

I’ve seen, that you can scroll down the full page. So the page height seems to be the same as with content but there’s just the loading animation visible. So I guess the portfolio items are loaded but the loading animation overlay doesn’t disappear for any reason.

What’s a little bit strange is, that it works on your Demo with my iPad:

BTW: I think you should strip_tags() in the function circleflip_get_post_format_media() in file “/inc/circleflip-media.php”. Because if you have a h2-tag or other html tags in the variable $media_html (line 56), the tags could be broken, because you just return an excerpt and not the whole posts content. Take a look in Chris’ source code line 316, there’s a </p> without a previous <p> because of an opening h2-tag. I made some changes to the file circleflip-media.php because of this. Just for your information. Perhaps Chris could remove the h2 and all other formating from the posts content – just a little try 🙂