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OK, final problem solved. Posting the solution for other peoples reference. The problem with style.php was caused by Plesk, it has a WP security scan which can lock down wp-content and wp-includes. This can cause issues with plugins and is documented here: – once I rolled those settings back it worked.

So in summary, I did the following:
a) To fix the main problem of styles not being applied to widgets, I rolled back the Plesk WP security settings for wp-content and wp-include. If you see a 403 error in the browser console for style.php, and your server runs Plesk, it might be this.

b) To fix the gap between sticky header and top of the browser when the WP toolbar is not visible for logged in users, I changed the “header.preSticky.activeSticky.adminTop” top value to 0 (originally 32px) – this is in
“circle-flip/css/header-builder/style.css”. It would be nice if theme could have a switch for this.

c) To remove errors relating to resources not loading when using HTTPS I changed the following to use HTTPS:
In circle-flip/creiden-framework/content-builder/classes/class-aq-page-builder.php
wp_register_style( ‘jquery-ui’, ‘’ );
$link = ‘’ . preg_replace(“/ /”, “+”, $googleFonts);

In circle-flip/css/fonts/fonts-admin.php
$link = ‘’ . preg_replace(“/ /”, “+”, $googleFonts);
@import url(;

In circle-flip/css/fonts/fonts.css
@import url(;

In circle-flip/css/fonts/fonts.css~
@import url(;

I think that was it. Again, I wouldn’t mind if the theme was updated with the above since it shouldn’t break non secure sites, will make life easier for secure sites, and only incur a little extra overhead.