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Bishoy Melek


About the first question, we found it as a bug and we will fix it in the new version of the theme which would be released within about a week.

About the second question, I’m not sure that i understand exactly what you mean by the bottom menu , but I think the header builder will be very useful for you as you want to customize your header as you wish . You can find the header builder from going to Dashboard / Appearance / Header builder .
Then you could choose which header to use from those you have built using the header builder from going first to Dashboard / Appearance / Theme options / General settings / header settings, and then it will be a checkbox you will have to check in order to let the header builder work instead of the old styles.

I hope i helped you, Please let me know your news to help you to the max in order for you to build your website professionaly and easily as well

Have a good day,