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Please give instructions as to how to properly create one of your portfolio pages. For example, I know I need to go to the pages area and make the template type as portfolio. I know at some point I need to select at the bottom of the page: grid, text inside the hover, white, and 4 columns.

The issue at hand is:

Why is the correct way to insert the pictures into the page?
Here are a few of the many options I have tried.
In the content manager, add images, add galleries, or add shortcode text from some other place I’ve created the gallery.
In the editor portion of the page, select add media and create a gallery or add pictures from there.
In the portfolio menu that is a part of wordpress, add a portfolio page and somehow and the url to insert the pictures.
Do I need to create categories to make this work?

My point is, I still have not found any clear instructions as how I am suppose to create a portfolio page like the ones you have. And I have tried all of the options above and the pictures have not shown up in the same way at any time.

I am kind of at the point where I’d like to someone to put a few pictures on a page and make it work so I can have these questions answered.

Thanks you for your help.