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Bishoy Melek

Hello Robb,

I’m sorry to hear so , But don’t worry i will help you build your website as you wish .
I checked the website and i found it working fine .A problem happened when you pressed on installing the demos again from the theme options , everything got as it was before so please don’t use this option again during customizing your Website as all the demos already been installed ; that’s why the data duplicated on the website. Please take a look at the documentation here where you can find every single detail about the Theme and how you can use it smoothly :

The black bar on the left of the dashboard is the dashboard of the wordpress platform , and you are already using CF Theme. you can even check which theme you are using from Dashboard / Appearance / themes

I built the menus up for you as you wish . About building the pages , you can edit any page by going to the page you want and click on ‘content builder’ to start using the page builder blocks .

I hope this helps you , and i’m here to help you so please don’t hesitate to contact me for any other help.

My Regards,