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@bishoy-melek Thanks so much!

The following issues remain:

1) UL: The font size is smaller than the default theme size font. Default body text is 16px, while UL/LI are 14px for no apparent reason. All other UL/LI issues seem to be fixed.
4) Footer links are now underlined, thanks! However, “Copy Rights Text” editor box in Theme Options is still small single-line box.
5) Forum formatting issues remain.
6) The font style of the blog entry summary date has been fixed, but the font style *size* has not been fixed. This is the same issue as (1): default theme font is 16px but (1) and (6) appear as 14px. I think it would be prudent to review how the theme CSS is being generated to ensure that font face, font size and font attributes (bold/italic) are applied consistently throughout.

Thanks a lot for your work!