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Even more specificially, here’s the issue in blog-layout-one.php (partials/blog-layout-one.php):

<div class=”clearfix postText”>
<p><?php echo circleflip_string_limit_characters( get_the_excerpt(), ‘800’ ) ?></p>
<?php $read_more_alt_text = cr_get_option( “blog_read_more” ); ?>
“><span><?php echo ($read_more_alt_text) ? esc_html($read_more_alt_text) : _e( ‘More’, ‘circleflip’ ); ?></span><span class=’btnBefore’></span><span class=’btnAfter’></span>

Firstly, don’t get the excerpt, get the content, per above.
Secondly, the content should only be limited to however many characters if the <!–more–> tag is not already used and the limits should be optional – more tag is a decision by the content creator and the theme should not overwrite what user has specified. So, please, either make 800 character limit customizable or use the limit only if more tag isn’t used.