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1) Because not ALL of the CSS errors have been fixed and I’d like to be able to keep track of the bugs. still fails while parsing CSS on the website and there are CSS 176 parse errors on your website and there are 180 on mine.
2) I don’t know what’s going on with the versioning and Envato. When I download CF theme from Envato, this is the .hg_archival.txt in the zip. Latest tag is V2.6.0

bash-4.3$ cat .hg_archival.txt
repo: 137e34b135d31ce4cd4f63b7b8a2da434a5caa68
node: ca7ac6a823f3d894c1dc79409dbdaaba60d7fb75
branch: default
latesttag: V2.6.0
latesttagdistance: 3
changessincelatesttag: 44

The version I have right now has all the same errors (link below).