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Hi @bassam,

In 3.1 you have replaced

<div class=”clearfix postText”>
<p><?php echo circleflip_string_limit_characters( get_the_excerpt(), ‘800’ ) ?></p>


<div class=”clearfix postText”>
<p><?php echo blog_layout_limit_characters( get_the_excerpt() ); ?></p>

in partials/blog-layout-*.php

This is a great step in the right direction but that’s not enough and not what we agreed on. I need to be able to generate an excerpt using get_the_content() not the get_the_excerpt().

In order to do that please use something along the lines:

<div class=”clearfix postText”>
<p><?php echo blog_layout_post_text(); ?></p>

adding to functions.php

if ( ! function_exists( ‘blog_layout_post_text’ ) ) :
function blog_layout_post_text() {
return blog_layout_limit_characters( get_the_excerpt() );

This way I can simply override blog_layout_post_text and produce whatever content I want while maintaining 100% backwards compatibility for existing users.