Animation causing error, not showing on pages


  • Animation causing error, not showing on pages
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  • Anthony


    I did a install with your demo content and am updating all the information for a client.

    When I select any type of animation for any kind of content block. Text, icon block, or whatever it will show up blank unless I select no animation.

    Wont show sub-menu’s I’m assuming because of the animation problem.

    Also won’t scroll through testimonials because again I am assuming the animation problem.

    Is there something I am missing? Something not installed or an option not selected to enable the animation? is the site I am currently receiving the problem with. Thank you for any help you can with this.


    Hello Anthony,

    Thanks for you detailed post, all your troubles should go away once you update Circle Flip
    Here are the issues fixed and features added in later updates, than your Version 1.2.0
    V 1.3.0 11/8/2014

    1- fixed menu item selected highlight colors
    2- fixed one page scrolltop issue
    3- added hyperlink in the page builder
    4- added align justify in the page builder
    5- added background image for the circle image
    6- added multi menu feature to be added in any special page

    V 1.2.2 31/7/2014
    1- Memory limit caused by builder saved blocks solved
    2- parallax JS issue fixed
    3- load text domain bug fixed

    V 1.2.1 30/7/2014
    – Fixed a bug in the js causing the blocks not to be rendered correctly

    You can find the update log at the bottom of our item page.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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