Blog posts: date format and white links in sidebar

  • Blog posts: date format and white links in sidebar
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  • oliver

    Hello again!

    I’m getting closer and closer to what I want with your theme, but I have a couple of what I think are tiny requests/silly ‘I can’t find that option’ questions.

    I’ve set the default post page to be the second option, which has the date on the picture rather than at the side. Is it possible to change the format of it so it reads “31 August 2015” rather than “31 August,15”.

    Even though I have the formatting so the date is on the picture in the individual post, on my main blog page it’s still in the old format. Is there somewhere I can change this to match?

    The last one I’m sure there’s an easy fix for. If you look at the sidebar (of either the blog page or a post — they use the same sidebar) you’ll see none of the titles show up. For some reason, they all come up with white text which isn’t very good for my background.

    Thanks for the great theme and you help in the other thread. 🙂


    Hello Oliver,

    no problem at all

    you’ll have to change a bit of code (it will not be included in the update, so keep it safe) to the file
    line 112
    <p><?php the_date( 'd F,y' ) ?></p>
    to be
    <p><?php the_date( 'd F Y' ) ?></p>

    for the widget title and text colors, please add the following to the Custom CSS panel

    .widget_wp_recent_post_text a h4 {
    color: #272727;
    .widget_wp_recent_post_text p{
    color: #5a5a5a !important;

    Regarding matching the date in the blog page to the post page it will require some work since it’s not that way by default, I will check with the team and get back to you.



    Both fixes are perfect: thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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