Boxed text and template functions not working

  • Boxed text and template functions not working
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  • Heather

    Fyi… I am NOT a web designer, coder, etc. and I am trying to build my website by myself. I am tech savvy, but need the “beginner’s” response.

    I believe that I successfully installed and downloaded Circle Flip and the demo, and it was working great until recently.

    The issues I’m experiencing when using the content builder are the following:
    1.) Saving a template. Example: In separate instances, I successfully loaded a saved template or added a new page, modified it and used “Save as…<enter name template>” – but the templates I rename/save do not show up in the template drop-down in the right-column Attributes section – so I can’t select a parent for the pages I create.

    2.) When inserting the Boxed Text box,
    a.) The formatting functions for the font work variably (sometimes it takes and mostly not) and for the background color, not at all. Plus, the drop-downs for animation sometimes work – mostly not.
    b.) When I save the template, the boxed text I created doesn’t show up in Preview mode – again, sometimes yes, most of the time no.
    c.) When I change Tabs to Toggle or to Accordion, the changes do not take hold.

    3.) In using one of your pre-built templates (About Us), the demo image in the first column was working great, now it shows up expanded and surrounds all of the columns that were previously below the image. Nothing changed in the look of the Content Builder/dividers.

    4.) How do I access any updates for Circle Flip, so any known bugs that you fix get updated to my site? Can I reinstall or do something to completely start fresh? I’m afraid I’m ruining behind-the-scenes files. :/

    Thank you, in advance!


    Hello hljencks,

    Thanks for the detailed post, and we’re sorry we couldn’t get back to you earlier.

    Please allow us admin access to your installation so that we could investigate each issue you mentioned on the same environment

    Regarding the last inquiry.
    You will be notified for each update
    You can find out what’s new at the bottom of the item page
    You can also choose to use the Envato WordPress toolkit plugin to get – somewhat – easier updates

    Please make sure your reply is private if it contains any private information 🙂


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    Hello Heather,

    Thanks for the reply.

    1- Probably a fix that was applied in a later version than the one you had.

    2-I was able to save and load templates on the page builder, I also found some you’ve previously saved, I found them at the every end of the template list. check it out and let me know

    3- You can apply CSS styles globaly to all bullets and sub-bullets
    Go to Theme Options >> General >> Advanced
    in the Custom CSS panel add
    .aq-block li {
    // rules for bullets
    .aq-block li ul li {
    // rules for sub-bullets

    but note that this CSS will be globaly applied, so it’s always good to specify where to add it, if you for example want to apply that CSS to only sub text in a tabbed block, you can use this selector instead
    .tabText li{}
    ** Please let me know if you need help in a particular part

    4-Yes you can, using CSS that is.
    In Custom CSS panel
    .aq_block_toggles_wrapper .aq_block_toggle {
    background: blue;

    ** here’s a link of what i believe are some awesome colors 🙂

    let me know if you need any further assistance

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    Hello Heather,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I apologize for your frustration, honestly.

    For the saves getting deleted, I have a doubt that it may be a max_input_vars issue. Kindly contact the hosting providers and ask them to update the value of max_input_vars to be 3000 instead of 1000

    I am getting a feeling that we’re not talking about the same place for the saved templates, “Page Attributes” drop down! I am sorry I now get the confusion.
    the Templates are not saved in the box you’re searching, please check this page for info

    In the pricing page I see you’re using style3 for icon boxes, can I suggest you use another style as in here it only accepts icons and not images.

    I did notice the slow speed on your server, Kindly include that to your message to the hosting providers, I checked and the response time from the server is really slow.

    Let me know if you need any help


    Hi Omar,

    I’m really at my wits end with this theme. I think your support has been fantastic, and I really like this theme, but I’m on the verge of requesting a refund, unless you can help.

    The special boxed text and, now, progress bars, and probably multiple other changes I’ve made, but now can’t remember, don’t save. I spend tons of time editing them with content, click “Update,” only to find my work erased. Sometimes it saves… but until I’ve reedited it at least 2-3 times.

    My max_input_vars has been increased to 3000, and I also increased memory limit to 64M and output buffering to 2048. It seemed to help (slightly) with the speed, but not with saves.

    I truly hope we can resolve this. Thanks.


    Hello Heather,

    Sorry for the late reply.
    Please ask the hosting company to raise max_input_vars to 10000 as a final solution.
    This issue have been reported before and have be solved by increasing the value of max_input_vars. it seems that some servers handle the transition of variables more optimized than others and simply need more space.

    Thank you for your patience


    I did that, and I’m getting the same thing. Right now, I’ve just tried the progress bars, and I haven’t yet been able to get them saved. Does it take time for the max_input_vars = 10000 to propagate or is it an issue with the Progress bar box?

    Thank you, Omar.


    Yeah, it seems that any special content box is unsave-able. I can’t get the text slider to save either. The plain ol’ heading and text content boxes save, but not much else.

    Is there a potential conflict between the clean install and clean install+demo that’s causing any issue?



    Hello Heather,

    Thanks for the update.
    It seems like the issue is closely related to the text block
    Does it clear the formatting? i.e. line breaks and spaces, or simply ignores your edits?

    max_input_vars should propagate instantaneously

    Try replacing the file aqpb3.9.js found at

    with the one attached
    Then clear your cache and test the block


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