Cant install suggested Plugins

  • Cant install suggested Plugins
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  • Samson70

    Hello Bassam

    Thank you for installing the plug in and my apologies for the long mix up with the sign in.

    Im still having a problem, its seems that when I get on a page to edit, everything freezes up. I cant even click on the menu on the lefty and go to another parts of my dashboard?

    My friend set up the test site, so Im not sure about ÔÇťAssets Mirror for Method Acting”

    I wont have a forum so I don’t need bbpress

    So not sure what to do



    Mostafa Yasser

    Hello Sam,

    I’ve tried editing the pages and testing the menu, it works fine.

    I suggest this issue is probably happening due to the browser you’re using, I’ve tested it on Chrome.

    In case you were using any different browser, can you please test it on chrome?

    Regarding bbpress , you can deactivate it from Plugins.

    Waiting for your reply,
    Best regards

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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