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  • Change Font Style and/or Color
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  • txspurgin

    I hunted for solutions in this forum, but couldn’t find any. I need to modify the following:
    1. Font style used in the Nav bar menu, but a custom font, not one listed in the Theme Options drop down.
    2. Change font color of “Contact Info” in Header.
    3. Global style change for hyperlinked text (currently not showing any different than paragraph body copy style). Rather not use a plugin to resolve this.
    Any help is appreciated,


    Hey James,

    1- You can upload your selected font folder to the fonts folder of circleflip theme directory and then apply that font using custom CSS
    Navigate to Theme Options >> General Settings >> Advanced
    in the Custom CSS panel

    .mainHeader .navbar .nav > li > a, .mainHeader .navbar .nav > li > a, .mainHeader .dropdown-menu > li > a, .headerStyle1 .dropdown-menu > li > a, .mainHeader .dropdown-menu > li > a, .megaMenu a{

    2- Again through CSS

    .header_top_left a, .header_top_left p{
    color: #2a2a2a;

    with your selected color of course.

    3- Can you please include a link for this one, I don’t want to give a solution that would mess all your links.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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