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    Hi, From upgrade to wordpress 4.7.2, content builder doesn’t work.
    I’ can’t modify existing section or adding new one.
    Theme versione 3.5.2. All plugin updated.
    Is theme compatible with WordPress 4.7.2?

    Mostafa Yasser

    Hey Marco ,

    From your explanation , I think there is a problem in JS .
    Can you please send me admin access in private reply so we can identify the issue ?

    Best regards,

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    Mohamed Nabil

    Hey Marco,

    I tested the page builder with WordPress 4.7.2 and it worked fine.
    So i suggest you do a clean WordPress installation, because i see this error in your admin:

    Which is most probably due to something missing within the WordPress.

    Waiting for your reply,


    i made clean installation, but problem persist.
    If you go to one page–> edit, there are this error and others error of page builder.
    Problem are only here, rest of WordPress platform is ok. I think is a problem with old version of site builder or similir.
    Can you investigate?
    If i activate other base theme (like twenty fourteen or twenty fifteen), all works fine.
    I write login credential in past response.
    I need to modify website.
    If i can’t, i must migrate to another theme.

    Thanks for help.
    Bye bye

    Mohamed Nabil

    Hi marco,

    Since you mentioned older version … I just checked your theme and I see you are using old version of Circleflip.
    Could you please update to the latest version ? it’s 3.5.2 now

    Update and let me know how it goes.
    Waiting for your reply,

    Thank you

    Mohamed Nabil

    Sorry .. i see you tried 3.5.2 as well

    Well was it working before ? Since you already have content in your site

    Mohamed Nabil
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    there was old version of theme for test and i forgot to reenable the 3.5.2.
    Now, i uninstall all versione and reinstall only 3.5.2.
    Problem remain.
    I wait your answer.

    Mohamed Nabil

    This is strange, never happened before with any of our customers, and we are not able to replicate it at our side.
    For some reason some files are not being loaded in your WordPress!

    Can you provide ftp access in a private reply for further debugging ?


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    Mohamed Nabil
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    This reply has been marked as private.

    Mohamed Nabil

    Dear Macro,

    We have been investigating it, and finally we found the issue, and it’s not related to the theme.

    The bug is in one of those plugins, they are not appearing in the plugins page


    We Renamed the folders in order to deactivate those plugins to the following:


    So, did you add them ?
    Waiting for your reply


    thanks for help, but there are some problem istead.
    Now theme builder work, but i can’t activate, update , delete plugins from wordpress.
    If you activate one plugin (circleflip offer for example) , you see in the top error and plugins page not working.

    For plugin you disable, askimet are wordpress original plugins, others i don’t know.


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