Continued Issues With Installation

  • Continued Issues With Installation
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  • practiceedge

    Continuing on from the last lot of issues we have had, my coder reports another problem:

    I am trying to do the work here But looks like there are some issue with content builder, I am adding cloumns and they are vanishing after saving. Blog post columns got deleted twice, and I tried 5-6 times to add a column beside the address and map for the 3rd address, but it’s getting deleted after each save. Could you let me know what’ the issue?

    Please advise why this is occurring?


    Hello practiceedge,

    Sorry for your troubles.
    This happens when you add a large number of blocks to the page, please contact your server administrator and ask them to increase max_input_vars to 10000.

    This fix have been tested and accepted on several server, if you still have issues after this modification please contact us and we will investigate.



    No, it’s not working. Blocks are not getting removed after saving.

    This is painful and costing me as my coder is wasting time. Never had some many issues installing a theme!

    Please help ASAP.

    Here’s another message he just sent:

    They are getting removed after saving, the problem is coming in content builder, I am trying to add column next to 2 locations on home page and blog post below that, and they are showing in back-end. But when I save page, it’s getting deleted.

    I can also confirm that we have changes max_input_vars to 10000 on my server (from 1000)


    Hello practiceedge,

    Sorry for your time, can you please re-check the max_input_vars again, I just checked on your installation and the number is still 1000.

    If you could ask your coder to echo out the number using this line

    <?php echo ini_get(‘max_input_vars’); ?>

    So that he could confirm that the number I am seeing.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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