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  • liraned

    I’m trying to install the “one click demo”.
    I was first adding the 2 plug-ins as requested.
    Now after a minute it says “Something went support…


    We wanted to install the demo content, but in the theme options the Backup and Restore pages doesn’t show up. In fact all 5 the bottom tabs in theme options doesn’t show.

    Please advise ASAP.

    thank you


    Hello liraned, st_fish

    Sorry for such late reply, we have been working on this issue, you can expect an update soon.
    meanwhile could you please provide WP admin & FTP access to your respective websites, so that I’m able to debug the issue further in your environment


    Bassam Tarek

    Dear All,

    An update is being submitted today to themeforest and it is in the queue, the update is fixing the 1 click installation by optimizing the performance and decreasing the needed memory limit, you should receive an email today telling you that the files are updated, after updating your theme you should see the issue fixed

    Thanks a lot


    Hello liraned, st_fish,

    Circleflip v1.3.3 has been released with updates addressing the 1 Click Demo memory consumption issue, please update your Circleflip installations.

    you can download the new version from your Themeforest Downloads


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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