Email in Contact details not “clickable”

  • Email in Contact details not “clickable”
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  • rllovell15


    On my website I am using the blocks titled “contact details” and I have placed emails in the given space but I would like the emails to be able to be clicked and an email window would open. Is this possible with this contact box or would I need a separate plug-in to make this happen.

    Typically, other sites are made to where an email address can be clicked and it will go to the users email and this is what I want to happen.

    Any advice on how to do this or another way to make this happen would be great!



    Hello Leuke,

    Sorry for the untimely reply.
    Yes of course, makes sense, thanks again for the useful feedback.
    It have been added to the code and will be puplished on the upcoming update, but you can get it now by editing one file at

    line 280

    <span><?php _e('Mail: ','circleflip'); ?></span><?php echo do_shortcode(htmlspecialchars_decode($tab['mail'])) ?>

    to be

    <span><?php _e('Mail: ','circleflip'); ?></span><a href="mailto:<?php echo do_shortcode(htmlspecialchars_decode($tab['mail'])) ?>"><?php echo do_shortcode(htmlspecialchars_decode($tab['mail'])) ?></a>


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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