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  • txspurgin

    Here’s my list of features request, thus far:
    1. Search the Support Forum here so I can simply search for keywords related to an issue I have or a solution I need.
    2. Visual style sheet of the fonts embedded into the Theme. Cool names and so many, but no time to try them all out.
    3. Be able to turn on/off any and all uses of Author, Date, Time
    4. Listing of common CSS modifications (if not yet available in the Theme Options section) to use in the Advanced section.
    5. Font style selector in the Editor
    6. Content Builder for more than the Page section; like use in the Posts and Portfolio sections as well.
    7. Separate out the various sliders settings out of the Theme Options and into their own sections of the CMS, like Revolution Slider. There are more potential modifications than what is available, and I’d like to make them w/out going into the CSS code.

    Great theme, great support. Keep up the great work.


    Hey DWD,

    Feature added as of version 1.5



    Hey Apprique,

    That’s a really tricky one, we’re working on it actually and will try to get it handled.



    Is it possible to make a widget or option for the builder to display opening hours? For example:


    After updating my theme the theme options doesnt work I click on the side the links and it goes to a blank option no options showing what do I do?


    Please enlarge the text boxes in settings (especially for large multiline text) to allow more than 18 characters to fit without scrolling.

    Bishoy Melek

    Hello @davidwp, @karelleninc,

    I was checking all the topics and found that i missed your topic! I’m sorry about that.
    @davidwp is the problem still exists ? PLease If it still exists Provide me with admin credentials so that i can chechk the problem and solve it for you .

    @karelleninc , Thanks for your enhancement. We will discuss if we should change it and put it in a following update.

    Thank you.


    When adding a picture and using it as a button with hover style 1 and animation popout, there currently is a chainlink symbol indicating a link. Is it possible to edit this symbol and let us choose a symbol out of the symbol list (or upload our own)? Or a small text?

    Ahmed Yasser

    Hi @tom,
    We will discuss adding this feature in the next update.
    For now you can do it manually using custom css by changing the background image of the icon.
    Just add this code to your custom css field in Theme options > General settings > Advanced, and don’t forget to add your image url.

    .linkRecent {
        background-image: url(YOUR IMAGE URL);
        background-position: center center;

    If you need any further help adding this code, please open an issue on the problem and we will be happy to help you.



    Hi Ahmed! Thank you very much for the help!

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)

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