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  • raulferrer

    Hello Omar
    Last time I assume the changes you provided would work and did not try them all before thanking you for the work, any way I am grateful for your help.

    1.Home page block size – Even though you do not have FTP access I changed the file themes/circleflip/creiden-framework/content-builder/blocks/cr-post-block.php on line 1255 the entry $mag_post_text = circleflip_string_limit_characters($original_text,’90′). I did change the 90 to 300 for test and it did not reflected the change.

    2. Page format – How can I make the pages format the same as you did for the articles (blog post page), please refer to your last post in http://support.creiden.com/forums/topic/flip-mag-template/. Last time you gave me an alternative for the image using a custom CSS code to increase the margin using #nucareer_about_image img{margin-left: 60px;} but the text block and the side bars cannot be managed to get them as in the articles area. I would like to use your suggestion for the About, Resources and/or other new page to keep the same format.

    3. Logo – for some reason, I don’t know why, the logo moved from its original left position to the middle. I removed all the custom CSS to see if any of the test codes I was inserting did the damage and still the logo is in the middle.

    4.Footer Widget
    a. How can they all be align in the middle?
    b. Can you provide some code to push the “Reaching Us!” and “Articles Categories” block down X amount of pixels to align the titles with the logo text?
    c. How can a break line can be inserted inside the “Reaching Us!” code to move the social icons down or any othe option?

    I am sending you a temporary FTP user through support@creiden.com and the user to access the site again since it is still in maintenance mode.

    Thanks Omar


    Hello Raul,

    Hope you’re doing great,
    I tried logging in your WordPress installation with no luck, I Believe the user you provided was not an admin one.



    Sorry Omar

    I thought I did change your wrights to admin. I just tried it before this reply, use same user and password I sent please.
    Did you try the FTP user also, because that one I did tried it.

    Thanks again!!


    Thank you,

    I’ve successfully changed the text length to 300 at line 1456 (sorry I referred to the wrong line number before)

    2- you can apply the same concept by knowing how the page is structured.
    your page is 12 columns, your format needs 8 for the content and 4 for the sidebar.
    Best choice would be adding the side bar into the page instead of adding a widget area (like you now have in About page, where you selected a sidebar from the page Edit/New)

    So you can start any page by adding two columns [ 7/12 ][4/12]
    Add your sidebar in the [4/12] (about_page_sidebar)
    give your [7/12] an ID like I did for the About page with (about_page_content)
    add your elements in the [7/12] column where elements widths, for example an image would be [7/12] (refer to About page)

    No head over to Theme options >> General >> Advanced >> custom CSS
    and apply the margin left rule to the content
    margin-left: 60px;

    For the side bar
    float: right;

    3- fixed.

    4- a- That was a bug, they should be aligned since you correctly selected 3 in the theme options, I’ve adjusted by CSS so that you don’t wait for the next update

    b- I’ve instead pushed the logo up a bit, check the section
    .footerList.row .widget_text{
    padding-top: 12px;
    in theme options if you want to modify

    c- Again that was a bug, where you couldn’t add <br> in the text area, I’ve modified the files so that you need not wait for the update.



    Hello Omar
    Thanks for the changes.

    1. Page format – I used the same concept you used for the column block with the text block. I gave it the name about_text_block and went over the CSS custom area and used a 40px left margin. Perfect! Now, how can I make the text to fit within the picture size as in the articles area? I tried adding the “width:584px;” but with no luck.

    2. Great change the footer. Can the content be leaved with left alignment?

    3. There is a difference between the sidebar in the about page vs the articles page. Can the about page be similar? Meaning that it will use no bullets and have line height as in the articles page? I tried inserting “list-style-type: none;” but did not work. The widgets itself inherits the line height of the page but not in this case.

    I think these changes will mark the end for the needed changes. FTP and WP users are still active.

    Again, thanks for your help.


    Hey Raul,

    Thanks for being such great! I personally like how neat and clean your website is, very comforting and professional.

    1- I’ve added
    #about_page_text .aq-block-cr_text_block{
    width: 600px;
    text-align: justify;
    You needed to add the text_block class to force this width, justify is just to make things pretty, feel free to remove it if you like

    2- adding
    .footerList.row p{
    text-align: left;
    Solved this, but is how you want it? or you want to align titles and the first paragraph under the logo left as well?

    3- The difference comes from using a sidebar widget, I’ve copied the look for you, using
    #about_page_sidebar li{
    list-style: none;
    margin-bottom: 10px;
    your list-style-type didn’t work before, as you need to specify that you want it specially for the
    elements under the ID to override the styles on hand.


    Let me know if there is anything we could help with.


    Thanks Omar for such great job.

    Before I let you go, look at the footer.

    The text after the logo, between the word “entry” and “level” there is a space that makes it look centered.

    The Reaching Us seems to be wider than the other two.

    Hey… sorry for being too picky about things 🙂

    Again I am very grateful for your work.




    Still doing testing.

    The text on the footer bellow the logo still align on center.

    By the way, I was doing tests with a lower resolution screen between 1280×768 and 1366×768 and the menu at the top crosses over the logo. Maybe a CSS that could help on that?




    Hey Raul,

    Nevermind, I am here to help 🙂
    I’ve aligned the text to left on the logo widget as well.
    You are correct the information widget is 4 columns and the other two are 3, I’ve adjusted to make them all 3 columns wide

    I’ll check the different screens and update you when possible.




    Thank you very much.

    All is well now.

    If you understand that the site is compatible with all the different resolutions let me know, I trust your evaluation.

    Love my site!

    Love working with you!!

    Until the next time,


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