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  • Home page Slider disappears in Firefox
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  • cleverdigital

    Hello, our client has pointed out that the slider on our home page keeps disappearing. We have had this issue once before, and we just opened the WP Admin panel and did nothing and it resolved it. This time, we checked the site in Chrome and there was indeed no slider appearing, so we logged in to admin and it reappeared! But this time, Firefox still did not display the slider.

    I thought if I cleared the site Cache it may resolve it. In the WP Super Cache plugin there was a notice that I needed to ‘Update Mod Rewrite Rules’ so I clicked the button to do this, cleared the cache and reloaded the site in Firefox and it works again.

    If this was a once off occurrence I would not worry too much but my client is not happy that it is only by chance that they are finding their site is not working properly and want some action to prevent it happening again. Are you aware of this issue, and can you suggest how it can be resolved? I don’t think its right to have to check the site each day to see if the slider is still working.

    Has anyone else encountered this?


    Hello CleverDigital,

    We understand your concern. No reported issue were similar to this one, but from your description it’s clear that the problem is in caching.
    It seems like a one time “odd” situation, and hopefully it won’t reoccur again.



    Hi Omar

    Homepage Slideshow disappeared from Firefox again. Deleted cache and appeared again. Only in Firefox. Within a day of the last time it happened with no changes to the site.

    Regards, Rory


    Hello Rory,

    I’ve found an article about Rev Slider and WP Super Cache.
    It suggested that the page was cached with no slider on it.

    Kindly try this remedy:
    1- deactivate WP Super Cache
    2- Log into your server using FTP
    3- Delete the cached home page (probably at wp-content/cache/ )
    4- Update the Home Page
    5- Re-activate the plugin

    Hope this helps

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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