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  • Bishoy Melek

    Hello @cpendas ,

    About the Revolution slider, You can import the sliders to the revolution slider plugin by following those steps:

    – Go to Themeforest downloads page
    – Click on Download button -> All files and documentation :

    – Extract the zip file and look for and extract it as well
    – in the main folder look for corresponding sliders and import them as follows:

    That should get it to work.


    I downloaded the tool from Github and it’s been “updating” the theme for 30 minutes, is that normal ?

    Amr Essam

    Hello Cpendas,

    No, that’s not normal, If the plugin isn’t working properly, please update using FTP.

    Let us know if you needed any help



    Ok looks like I managed to install the update and the demo.

    But there are still a lot of missing sections from the demo in your site:

    I can’t see: portafolio, blog and blocks and a lot of missing sections in pages too.

    Amr Essam

    That’s great.

    The blog page is imported normally within the pages but it’s not inserted in the menu. You can find it by navigating to Dashboard -> Pages -> Blog page
    Then you can change its settings (visual and layout) from Theme Options -> Blog Settings

    For the portfolio, make sure the plugin named “Avaris Projects” is installed and activated, add some projects from the Dashboard -> Projects
    Then navigate to
    This is the projects page, change its settings also by going to Theme Options -> Portfolio Settings.

    The other blocks pages are redundant and contains so many blocks that are the same, they usually confuse users who already have contents on their website, so we minimized the main demo specifically to be useful and to the point. The other demos are already compact and to the point, so they will be installed exactly as on the live demo.

    If you see any specific block that you want and can’t replicate, let us know and we’ll assist as far as we can.

    Hope this answered all your questions, let me know if I can do anything else.


Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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